Islam zakat: Donate some Love To others !!

Hey, Thanx for showing interest in this social cost. You are here means you love to work for humans. 

Here at Ramadan festival we are donating some amount of money to poor child and mosque for their bright future. 

You should also participate and donate zakat Now!! 

It is not about how much. It is about the love you show to others. So, this is the best when you can donate and take the shower of Allahs poverty. 

We will use this money for poor children’s education and to build old mosque again. 

You can donate 1$-1000$ or more it totally depends upon you. But please participate in this cost.  

You can send money to us via PayPal. 

Donate Now

Islam zakat: Donate some Love To others !!


If you are a cryptocurrency lover then you can also donate us Bitcoin Ethereum and other listed coin. 

Bitcoin                36sJdARGHjv27VQUt9FDm5KmzAQJxE2DkW 

Bitcoin Cash       1EwkHu12zuAM5knmT5BGyVr7C6xKHz5t3t 

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Litcoine                Lf4Lq4drXmVcJ1dBr2Ys3zegAVeDg35whW 

Rippl                     rLdinLq5CJood9wdjY9ZCdgycK8KGevkUj 

Thanx In advance