Ramadan Festival – Every Thing You should Know About Ramadan

Ramadan Festival – Every Thing You should Know About Ramadan

Why Ramadan is celebrated ?

Every year one festival of Muslims which come and create lots of joy as well as delight in society.  

Yes, you are thinking correct I am saying about Ramadan month or Ramzan month. We see Muslim people celebrate this month very positively and clammily.  

So lets start and see some fact and things about Ramadan Eid and explore Why Ramadan is celebrated ?

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What is Ramadan ?

Ramadan Is Muslim festival which come in 9th month of Muslim calendar. Ramadan is celebrated all over the world for one month. 

During this whole month Muslim people fast to show their faith to allah. according to Quran they cannot pass anything from their mouth till sun is up. So, they start their fasting in early morning and end after the sunset. 


Why Ramadan is celebrated ? - Everything you Need to know

They do some extra payers during this day. Also, they donate some part of their income to charity. Peoples believe this is the direct way of showing love to allah. 

Let see history of Ramadan and when it is started? 

History of Ramadan 

As I already said Ramadan is celebrated in 9th of month Muslim calendar. Ramadan mean “to scorching” in Arabic. Ramadan is also called as “Laylat al-Qadr” which also called as “power of night”.  

This directly means to why they fast in morning.  Ramadan is started in 610 CE after the Quran come in existent after Muhammad. 

Ramadan is shift every year for 11 days. Therefore, this year Ramadan will be celebrated in between 15 May to 14 June 2018. 

Why Ramadan is celebrated or Why Muslims fast ? 

Ramadan is celebrated to show the power for contlines. Muslim people don’t drink in this period. During the time of fasting, taking of water inside the body is strictly not allowed. 

Ramadan is celebrated to increase the character and morality of person. Ramadan is celebrated to make peoples soul such a dedicated to allah. People.  

Also, people regularly visit to monk and pray namaj for 5 times in a day. 

Why Ramadan is celebrated ? - Everything you Need to know

Ramadan Rules of Ramadan

  • You cannot take medicine 
  • You cannot talk smack 
  • Not allowed to chew gum 
  • You can’t drink water during fasting. 
  • Have to avoid sex or if you are pregnant then don’t do fasting. 

Why Ramadan is celebrated ? - Everything you Need to know

Image from: quran-o-sunnat.com

How do Muslims break their fast? 

Usually Ramadan fasting start in early morning with sun rise. People wake up early in Morning and eat what they want to eat before first namaj or sun rise. After that fasting is start. 

Fasting End in evening after sunset. Time is Around 6 pm according to Indian time. It changes day by day. After the sunset prayer peoples, break their Fast with iftaar.  

The standard process of braking fast is same as Mohammad break their fast 1400 year before today. 

In India usually, people break there fast with their family. In Asian country, milk and yogurt-based juices are famous. People also eat banana or any sweet to break fasting. 

Ramadan Charity

Can Muslims be Exempted from fasting? 

Yes, according to islam Muslim can ignore fasting if they have any physical or mental problem. Also, small children’s and woman who are pregnant can ignore fasting during Ramadan.  

Ramadan is festival which is celebrated by heart. So, if you have faith then you can do and fast the Ramadan. At the end it is person choice to celebrate or not. 

What is Iftaar ? 

Why Ramadan is celebrated ? - Everything you Need to know

Iftaar is the breaking of fasting with family friends, relative at home together. This can be also called as evening breakfast. 

People also breakfast in mosque by charity iftr with lots if people.  

What Happens at the end of Ramadan? 

At the end of Ramadan that is 14 July this year, Muslim people come along and celebrate the Eid al-Fitr- a two-day national holiday festival.  

In India 2 Day is called as base Eid. During this time Muslim people make sweet dishes and gives to all community, neighbors family and others. They wear new dress and give thanks to Allah for this life.

So that’s all I think now you have knowledge of Ramadan and Why Ramadan is celebrated all over the world. 

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Best Ramadan wishes 

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