Ramadan Sehri-o-Iftar Time Table 2018: India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Saudi Arabia

Ramadan Sehri-o-Iftar Time Table 2018: India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Saudi Arabia

Ramadan Sehri Iftar Time Table : Sehri Time Tomorrow, Roza Timing for Today, Roza Calendar 2017

Imagine how refreshing a glass of lemon juice would feel or how sweet a gooey Medjool date would taste if you had been deprived of water and food from the moment the sunrise.

Millions of Muslims around the world, that is the satisfaction they feel when they sit down to iftar during the holy month of Ramadan.

Iftars are often a family affair and a welcome excuse to spend time with loved ones and members of one’s community. After the sun sets, plates are piled with delicious food. Fasting during Ramadan, which is one of the five pillars of Islam, is intended to teach a personal discipline, help them reconnect with their spirituality, and remember those less fortunate. 

During this month, Muslims cut out food, drink, cigarettes, and sex from dawn until sunset. They also avoid gossiping and swearing.

What is Iftar Party ?

Iftar exists during the holy month of Ramzan. Iftar is the evening meal which is taken by Muslims to end their Daily Ramzan fast at sunset. Muslims break their fast at the time of the call to prayer for the evening prayer. It is the second meal of the day.

the daily fast during Ramadan begins immediately after the pre-dawn meal of Suhur and continues during the daylight hours, ending with a sunset with the evening meal of Iftar.

It is one of the oldest rituals followed by Muslims all over the world. Ramadan occurs in the ninth month of the Islamic lunar calendar during which the whole Islamic community observe complete fast during the daytime.

Best Ramdan wishes 2018 

They take a meal before dawn and end the fast only in the evening with a special meal. This evening special meal is known as Iftar which as a discipline is taken after the sunset. The timings of Iftar differ according to the sunset timings in that area.

In regions with dense Muslim population, a cannon is fired to indicate the time for Iftar. In Islamic countries, the time of Iftar is declared through radio and television broadcasting. Ramadan ends with a big feast on Eid- al- Fitr.

What is Suhur or Sehri ?

 “pre-dawn meal”; is an Islamic term referring to the meal consumed early in the morning by Muslims before fasting, sawn before dawn during or outside the Islamic month of Ramzan.

The meal is eaten before Fajr prayer. Sehri as the morning meal is matched by Iftar as the evening meal, during Ramadan, replacing the traditional three meals a day (breakfast, lunch, and dinner, although in some places dinner is also consumed after Iftar later during the night.

Being the last meal eaten by Muslims before fasting from dawn to sunset during the month of Ramadan, suhur is regarded by Islamic traditions as a benefit of the blessings in that it allows the person fasting to avoid the crankiness or the weakness caused by the fast.

What are the principles of Suhur (Sehri) and Iftar ?

Taking of Sehri is Sunnah. If one is not hungry and has no desire to eat, then two or three dates or some other light food may be taken or some water at least should be drunk.

If anyone woke up and did not eat anything as Sehri but only chewed a beta leaf, then he will get the credit of Sehri.

As far as possible the taking of Sehri should be delayed but not so much that the dawn may appear and put the fast in doubt.

If Sehri is taken early but continued to make tea etc. for long and gargled near dawn, then the credit of delayed Sehri is gained.

If anyone did not wake up for Sehri and all remained asleep, then fast should be observed without it. It is a sin and also cowardice not to keep a last because of not eating Sehri.

It is permissible to take Sehri till Fajr time starts and not after that.

Why Ramadan is celebrated ? 

If anyone woke up late for Sehri and under the impression that it was still night took Sehri but it revealed later that it was after dawn, then the fast was not accomplished and it should be kept as a missed fast but recompense is not due.

But even then nothing should be eaten or drunk and one should behave like fasting ones. In the same way if fast is broken thinking that the sun had set but the sun appeared after a while, then the fast is breached and should be kept as a postponed fast but no recompense is due, and it is also not proper how to eat or drink till the sun has actually set.

If the waking up was so much delayed that it was suspected to be dawn, then to eat or drink anything now is execrable and it would be a sin to do so. It after eating something it was confirmed that it was dawn, then a missed fast should be kept and if it is still doubted then a postponed fast is not essential. But as a precaution, a postponed fast may be kept.

Ramadan Charity

It is appreciable to break the fast as soon as the sun has definitely set. To delay after that is execrable.

On cloudy days the fast should be broken with some delay till it is definite that the sun would have set. The watches or clocks should not be relied upon as they may go wrong. Even if someone has called the Azaan and the setting of the sun is still doubtful, fast should not be opened till your own heart is satisfied with the time.

It is appreciable to break the fast with dates or with some other sweet thing, but if any of these is not available, then with water. Some men and women open fast with a bit of salt and think it to be credible. It is a wrong belief.

What is the sehri Time Table for Iftar in 2018 ?

Ramadan Sehri Iftar Time Table in Indian cities.

Iftar Time In Mumbai

           Date             Day            Sehri           Iftar
16 MayWednesday04:43 am7:07 pm
17 MayThursday04:43 am7:08 pm
18 MayFriday04:42 am7:08 pm
19 MaySaturday04:42 am7:08 pm
20 MaySunday04:41 am7:09 pm
21 MayMonday04:41 am7:09 pm
22 MayTuesday04:41 am7:10 pm
23 MayWednesday04:40 am7:10 pm
24 MayThursday04:40 am7:10 pm
25 MayFriday04:40 am7:11 pm
26 MaySaturday04:39 am7:11 pm
27 MaySunday04:39 am7:12 pm
28 MayMonday04:39 am7:12 pm
29 MayTuesday04:38 am7:12 pm
30 MayWednesday04:38 am7:13 pm
31 MayThursday04:38 am7:13 pm
1 JuneFriday04:38 am7:13 pm
2 JuneSaturday04:38 am7:14 pm
3 JuneSunday04:37 am7:14 pm
4 JuneMonday04:37 am7:15 pm
5 JuneTuesday04:37 am7:15 pm
6 JuneWednesday04:37 am7:15 pm
7 JuneThursday04:37 am7:16 pm
8 JuneFriday04:37 am7:16 pm
9 JuneSaturday04:37 am7:16 pm
10 JuneSunday04:37 am7:17 pm
11 JuneMonday04:37 am7:17 pm
12 JuneTuesday04:37 am7:17 pm
13 JuneWednesday04:37 am7:18 pm
14 JuneThursday04:37 am7:18 pm


Iftar Time In Delhi  INDIA

16 MayWednesday04:00 am7:06 pm
17 MayThursday03:59 am7:07 pm
18 MayFriday03:59 am7:08 pm
19 MaySaturday03:58 am7:08 pm
20 MaySunday03:57 am7:09 pm
21 MayMonday03:56 am7:09 pm
22 MayTuesday03:56 am7:10 pm
23 MayWednesday03:55 am7:10 pm
24 MayThursday03:54 am7:11 pm
25 MayFriday03:54 am7:12 pm
26 MaySaturday03:53 am7:12 pm
27 MaySunday03:53 am7:13 pm
28 MayMonday03:52 am7:13 pm
29 MayTuesday03:52 am7:14 pm
30 MayWednesday03:51 am7:14 pm
31 MayThursday03:51 am7:15 pm
01 JuneFriday03:50 am7:15 pm
02 JuneSaturday03:50 am7:16 pm
03 JuneSunday03:50 am7:16 pm
04 JuneMonday03:49 am7:17 pm
05 JuneTuesday03:49 am7:17 pm
06 JuneWednesday03:49 am7:18 pm
07 JuneThursday03:49 am7:18 pm
08 JuneFriday03:48 am7:19 pm
09 JuneSaturday03:48 am7:19 pm
10 JuneSunday03:48 am7:20 pm
11 JuneMonday03:48 am7:20 pm
12 JuneTuesday03:48 am7:20 pm
13 JuneWednesday03:48 am7:21 pm
14 JuneThursday03:48 am7:21 pm

Iftar Time In Kolkata INDIA

16 MayWednesday04:26 am6:28 pm
17 MayThursday04:26 am6:29 pm
18 MayFriday04:25 am6:29 pm
19 MaySaturday04:25 am6:29 pm
20 MaySunday04:25 am6:30 pm
21 MayMonday04:24 am6:30 pm
22 MayTuesday04:24 am6:30 pm
23 MayWednesday04:24 am6:30 pm
24 MayThursday04:24 am6:31 pm
25 MayFriday04:23 am6:31 pm
26 MaySaturday04:23 am6:31 pm
27 MaySunday04:23 am6:32 pm
28 MayMonday04:23 am6:32 pm
29 MayTuesday04:23 am6:32 pm
30 MayWednesday04:22 am6:32 pm
31 MayThursday04:22 am6:33 pm
01 JuneFriday04:22 am6:33 pm
02 JuneSaturday04:22 am6:33 pm
03 JuneSunday04:22 am6:34 pm
04 JuneMonday04:22 am6:34 pm
05 JuneTuesday04:22 am6:34 pm
06 JuneWednesday04:22 am6:35 pm
07 JuneThursday04:22 am6:35 pm
08 JuneFriday04:22 am6:35 pm
09 JuneSaturday04:22 am6:35 pm
10 JuneSunday04:22 am6:36 pm
11 JuneMonday04:22 am6:36 pm
12 JuneTuesday04:22 am6:36 pm
13 JuneWednesday04:22 am6:37 pm
14 JuneThursday04:22 am6:37 pm



16 MayWednesday03:51 am6:42 pm
17 MayThursday03:50 am6:43 pm
18 MayFriday03:50 am6:43 pm
19 MaySaturday03:49 am6:44 pm
20 MaySunday03:48 am6:44 pm
21 MayMonday03:48 am6:45 pm
22 MayTuesday03:47 am6:45 pm
23 MayWednesday03:47 am6:46 pm
24 MayThursday03:46 am6:46 pm
25 MayFriday03:46 am6:47 pm
26 MaySaturday03:45 am6:47 pm
27 MaySunday03:45 am6:48 pm
28 MayMonday03:44 am6:48 pm
29 MayTuesday03:44 am6:49 pm
30 MayWednesday03:43 am6:49 pm
31 MayThursday03:43 am6:50 pm
01 JuneFriday03:43 am6:50 pm
02 JuneSaturday03:42 am6:51 pm
03 JuneSunday03:42 am6:51 pm
04 JuneMonday03:42 am6:51 pm
05 JuneTuesday03:42 am6:52 pm
06 JuneWednesday03:41 am6:52 pm
07 JuneThursday03:41 am6:53 pm
08 JuneFriday03:41 am6:53 pm
09 JuneSaturday03:41 am6:53 pm
10 JuneSunday03:41 am6:54 pm
11 JuneMonday03:41 am6:54 pm
12 JuneTuesday03:41 am6:55 pm
13 JuneWednesday03:41 am6:55 pm
14 JuneThursday03:41 am6:55 pm



16 MayWednesday03:50 am7:27 pm
17 MayThursday03:49 am7:28 pm
18 MayFriday03:48 am7:28 pm
19 MaySaturday03:47 am7:29 pm
20 MaySunday03:46 am7:30 pm
21 MayMonday03:46 am7:31 pm
22 MayTuesday03:45 am7:31 pm
23 MayWednesday03:44 am7:32 pm
24 MayThursday03:43 am7:33 pm
25 MayFriday03:42 am7:33 pm
26 MaySaturday03:41 am7:34 pm
27 MaySunday03:41 am7:35 pm
28 MayMonday03:40 am7:35 pm
29 MayTuesday03:39 am7:36 pm
30 MayWednesday03:39 am7:37 pm
31 MayThursday03:38 am7:37 pm
01 JuneFriday03:37 am7:38 pm
02 JuneSaturday03:37 am7:39 pm
03 JuneSunday03:36 am7:39 pm
04 JuneMonday03:36 am7:40 pm
05 JuneTuesday03:35 am7:40 pm
06 JuneWednesday03:35 am7:41 pm
07 JuneThursday03:35 am7:41 pm
08 JuneFriday03:34 am7:42 pm
09 JuneSaturday03:34 am7:42 pm
10 JuneSunday03:34 am7:43 pm
11 JuneMonday03:34 am7:43 pm
12 JuneTuesday03:33 am7:44 pm
13 JuneWednesday03:33 am7:44 pm
14 JuneThursday03:33 am7:44 pm



16 MayWednesday04:34 am7:15 pm
17 MayThursday04:34 am7:15 pm
18 MayFriday04:33 am7:16 pm
19 MaySaturday04:33 am7:16 pm
20 MaySunday04:32 am7:17 pm
21 MayMonday04:32 am7:17 pm
22 MayTuesday04:31 am7:18 pm
23 MayWednesday04:31 am7:18 pm
24 MayThursday04:30 am7:19 pm
25 MayFriday04:30 am7:19 pm
26 MaySaturday04:29 am7:19 pm
27 MaySunday04:29 am7:20 pm
28 MayMonday04:28 am7:20 pm
29 MayTuesday04:28 am7:21 pm
30 MayWednesday04:28 am7:21 pm
31 MayThursday04:27 am7:22 pm
01 JuneFriday04:27 am7:22 pm
02 JuneSaturday04:27 am7:23 pm
03 JuneSunday04:27 am7:23 pm
04 JuneMonday04:26 am7:23 pm
05 JuneTuesday04:26 am7:24 pm
06 JuneWednesday04:26 am7:24 pm
07 JuneThursday04:26 am7:25 pm
08 JuneFriday04:26 am7:25 pm
09 JuneSaturday04:26 am7:25 pm
10 JuneSunday04:26 am7:26 pm
11 JuneMonday04:26 am7:26 pm
12 JuneTuesday04:26 am7:26 pm
13 JuneWednesday04:26 am7:27 pm
14 JuneThursday04:26 am7:27 pm



16 MayWednesday04:24 am6:42 pm
17 MayThursday04:24 am6:43 pm
18 MayFriday04:23 am6:43 pm
19 MaySaturday04:23 am6:43 pm
20 MaySunday04:23 am6:44 pm
21 MayMonday04:22 am6:44 pm
22 MayTuesday04:22 am6:44 pm
23 MayWednesday04:22 am6:45 pm
24 MayThursday04:21 am6:45 pm
25 MayFriday04:21 am6:45 pm
26 MaySaturday04:21 am6:46 pm
27 MaySunday04:20 am6:46 pm
28 MayMonday04:20 am6:46 pm
29 MayTuesday04:20 am6:47 pm
30 MayWednesday04:20 am6:47 pm
31 MayThursday04:19 am6:48 pm
01 JuneFriday04:19 am6:48 pm
02 JuneSaturday04:19 am6:48 pm
03 JuneSunday04:19 am6:49 pm
04 JuneMonday04:19 am6:49 pm
05 JuneTuesday04:19 am6:49 pm
06 JuneWednesday04:19 am6:50 pm
07 JuneThursday04:19 am6:50 pm
08 JuneFriday04:19 am6:50 pm
09 JuneSaturday04:19 am6:51 pm
10 JuneSunday04:19 am6:51 pm
11 JuneMonday04:19 am6:51 pm
12 JuneTuesday04:19 am6:52 pm
13 JuneWednesday04:19 am6:52 pm
14 JuneThursday04:19 am6:52 pm




             Date            Day              Sehri         Iftar
17 MayThursday03:31 am6:54 pm
18 MayFriday03:30 am6:55 pm
19 MaySaturday03:29 am6:56 pm
20 MaySunday03:28 am6:56 pm
21 MayMonday03:27 am6:57 pm
22 MayTuesday03:27 am6:58 pm
23 MayWednesday03:26 am6:58 pm
24 MayThursday03:25 am6:59 pm
25 MayFriday03:24 am6:59 pm
26 MaySaturday03:24 am7:00 pm
27 MaySunday03:23 am7:01 pm
28 MayMonday03:23 am7:01 pm
29 MayTuesday03:22 am7:02 pm
30 MayWednesday03:21 am7:02 pm
31 MayThursday03:21 am7:03 pm
01 JuneFriday03:20 am7:04 pm
02 JuneSaturday03:20 am7:04 pm
03 JuneSunday03:20 am7:05 pm
04 JuneMonday03:19 am7:05 pm
05 JuneTuesday03:19 am7:06 pm
06 JuneWednesday03:18 am7:06 pm
07 JuneThursday03:18 am7:07 pm
08 JuneFriday03:18 am7:07 pm
09 JuneSaturday03:18 am7:08 pm
10 JuneSunday03:17 am7:08 pm
11 JuneMonday03:17 am7:08 pm
12 JuneTuesday03:17 am7:09 pm
13 JuneWednesday03:17 am7:09 pm
14 JuneThursday03:17 am7:10 pm
15 JuneFriday03:17 am7:10 pm



              Date            Day            Sehri            Iftar
17 MayThursday04:21 am7:11 pm
18 MayFriday04:20 am7:11 pm
19 MaySaturday04:20 am7:12 pm
20 MaySunday04:19 am7:12 pm
21 MayMonday04:19 am7:13 pm
22 MayTuesday04:18 am7:13 pm
23 MayWednesday04:18 am7:14 pm
24 MayThursday04:17 am7:14 pm
25 MayFriday04:17 am7:15 pm
26 MaySaturday04:16 am7:15 pm
27 MaySunday04:16 am7:16 pm
28 MayMonday04:15 am7:16 pm
29 MayTuesday04:15 am7:17 pm
30 MayWednesday04:14 am7:17 pm
31 MayThursday04:14 am7:18 pm
01 JuneFriday04:14 am7:18 pm
02 JuneSaturday04:13 am7:19 pm
03 JuneSunday04:13 am7:19 pm
04 JuneMonday04:13 am7:19 pm
05 JuneTuesday04:13 am7:20 pm
06 JuneWednesday04:13 am7:20 pm
07 JuneThursday04:12 am7:21 pm
08 JuneFriday04:12 am7:21 pm
09 JuneSaturday04:12 am7:21 pm
10 JuneSunday04:12 am7:22 pm
11 JuneMonday04:12 am7:22 pm
12 JuneTuesday04:12 am7:23 pm
13 JuneWednesday04:12 am7:23 pm
14 JuneThursday04:12 am7:23 pm
15 JuneFriday04:12 am7:23 pm




           Date             Day           Sehri             Iftar
16 MayWednesday03:51 am6:35 pm
17 MayThursday03:51 am6:35 pm
18 MayFriday03:50 am6:36 pm
19 MaySaturday03:50 am6:36 pm
20 MaySunday03:49 am6:37 pm
21 MayMonday03:48 am6:37 pm
22 MayTuesday03:48 am6:38 pm
23 MayWednesday03:47 am6:38 pm
24 MayThursday03:47 am6:39 pm
25 MayFriday03:46 am6:39 pm
26 MaySaturday03:46 am6:40 pm
27 MaySunday03:46 am6:40 pm
28 MayMonday03:45 am6:40 pm
29 MayTuesday03:45 am6:41 pm
30 MayWednesday03:45 am6:41 pm
31 MayThursday03:44 am6:42 pm
1 JuneFriday03:44 am6:42 pm
2 JuneSaturday03:44 am6:43 pm
3 JuneSunday03:43 am6:43 pm
4 JuneMonday03:43 am6:44 pm
5 JuneTuesday03:43 am6:44 pm
6 JuneWednesday03:43 am6:44 pm
7 JuneThursday03:43 am6:45 pm
8 JuneFriday03:43 am6:45 pm
9 JuneSaturday03:42 am6:46 pm
10 JuneSunday03:42 am6:46 pm
11 JuneMonday03:42 am6:46 pm
12 JuneTuesday03:42 am6:47 pm
13 JuneWednesday03:42 am6:47 pm
14 JuneThursday03:42 am6:47 pm



           Date             Day        Sehri         Iftar
16 MayWednesday03:49 am6:27 pm
17 MayThursday03:49 am6:27 pm
18 MayFriday03:48 am6:28 pm
19 MaySaturday03:48 am6:28 pm
20 MaySunday03:47 am6:29 pm
21 MayMonday03:47 am6:29 pm
22 MayTuesday03:46 am6:30 pm
23 MayWednesday03:46 am6:30 pm
24 MayThursday03:45 am6:31 pm
25 MayFriday03:45 am6:31 pm
26 MaySaturday03:44 am6:31 pm
27 MaySunday03:44 am6:32 pm
28 MayMonday03:44 am6:32 pm
29 MayTuesday03:43 am6:33 pm
30 MayWednesday03:43 am6:33 pm
31 MayThursday03:43 am6:34 pm
1 JuneFriday03:42 am6:34 pm
2 JuneSaturday03:42 am6:34 pm
3 JuneSunday03:42 am6:35 pm
4 JuneMonday03:42 am6:35 pm
5 JuneTuesday03:42 am6:36 pm
6 JuneWednesday03:41 am6:36 pm
7 JuneThursday03:41 am6:36 pm
8 JuneFriday03:41 am6:37 pm
9 JuneSaturday03:41 am6:37 pm
10 JuneSunday03:41 am6:38 pm
11 JuneMonday03:41 am6:38 pm
12 JuneTuesday03:41 am6:38 pm
13 JuneWednesday03:41 am6:39 pm
14 JuneThursday03:41 am6:39 pm


So enjoy your Ramadan Sehri Iftar Time Table . Note that these timings are based on Indian timings. For timings according to your city please follow this link https://hamariweb.com/islam/karachi_ramadan-timing1.aspx

Enjoy the blessings of Allah!!!


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